To keep your family safe from dangerous fire and shock hazards, we offer a complete electrical safety inspection.

   This inspection checks your entire home's electrical system (interior, exterior, attic and crawl spaces). We will inspect your service wires, mast, meter, disconnects, electrical panel (inside and out), pipes, wiring, circuit breakers, junction boxes, fuses, outlets, switches and lights. This inspection is much more comprehensive than one performed by a home inspector.

We will identify:

  • Burnt, arcing, undersized, and aluminum wires.
  • Broken, ungrounded, and miswired outlets.
  • Loose, and double-tapped connections in your panel.
  • Bad or missing ground rods and grounding connections.
  • Open junction boxes and exposed live wires.
  • Failed or missing ground fault, arc fault, and lightning protection devices.
  • Non-functioning circuit breakers, and overridden fuses.
  • Too Low and too high voltages.
  • Overloaded circuits. Short circuits.
  • Dangerous and recalled equipment.

   Our skilled electricians use tools such as automated circuit analyzers, circuit tracers, infrared heat detectors, and visual, aural and tactile inspection to quickly find these defects. If you have dangerous fire or shock hazards, we will very likely find them.

The inspection results include:

  • A review of our findings.
  • Recommended solutions.
  • Time to answer to your questions.

   If problems are found, we will quote you a competitive price for repairs. There is no sales pressure or obligation. Feel free to get a second opinion if you wish.

How much does it cost?

   This service is just $249.

   The entire process takes about 90 minutes to complete.

   We are licensed, bonded and insured for your safety.

   Certain conditions and exclusions apply. See inspection documentation for details, or ask us.