Complete Referral Reward Program Rules and Details

1. Anybody (clients, and non-clients of Electrical Safety Pros LLC) can make a referral. You can make a referral to yourself.

2. Register your referral by sending an email to with the subject line "registering referral". Include your name, address and phone number and the referral's name, address if known, and phone number if known. This is how we know who to credit with the referral and where to send the check. You must send this information prior to the job being started. Late claims will be denied.

3. The reward is based on 5% of the labor charges earned by us. Charges for materials, travel, rentals, permits, and other invoice items are not included. We are the sole determiner of which portion of the invoice constitutes labor. The invoice must be fully paid by client before a reward check will be issued. The maximum reward per referral is $1000.00.

4. Rewards will be given for new clients only. If the referral is to a general contractor or others we sub-contract for, the sub-contracted work performed counts toward the reward. Rewards apply to all work started within 60 days of the referral. After 60 days, the client is no longer considered a new client.

5. Work will be accepted, declined, designed, implemented, priced, and discounted solely at Electrical Safety Pros LLC's discretion.

6. All taxes and tax reporting are the obligation of the person receiving the reward.

7. We reserve the right to modify or cancel this program without notice at any time.

8. Thanks for sending us referrals!