List of Services.

    We can repair, replace, and install anything electrical. Here are some examples:

General repair and maintenence

  • Troubleshoot and repair flashing lights, sparking or non-functioning outlets.
  • Rewire a house that has aluminum wire, cloth covered Romex, or no grounding.
  • Renovate a kitchen or bathroom, or wire an addition.

Panels and fuse boxes

  • Upgrade an undersized breaker panel to a larger one.
  • Install a temporary power pole for construction.
  • Upgrade a fuse box to a circuit breaker panel.
  • Add a subpanel to a shed or workshop building.
  • Add safety enhancements for arc, shock, surge, and lightning protection.
  • Replace a rusted out meter box, and other outside equipment.
  • Install a permanent or temporary emergency backup generator.
  • Add a transfer switch for generator connection to main panel.
  • Replace dangerous Zinsco, Sylvania, or Federal Pacific electrical panels.

Switches and receptacles

  • Add a new circuit, more outlets, a second switch to control a light.
  • Replace standard outlets with child-safe ones.
  • Replace standard switches with timers, dimmers, or sensors.
  • Add outdoor convenience outlets.
  • Replace ungrounded outlets with ground-fault protected ones.
  • Replace broken switches, outlets, and fixtures.
  • Change color or refresh switches, outlets and cover plates.

Lighting and fans

  • Replace an old ceiling fan or chandelier, or add a new one.
  • Replace old energy hungry fluorescent fixtures with new energy efficient ones.
  • Add decorative landscape lighting and outdoor security lighting.


  • Wire a spa, hot tub, kiln, or RV outlet.
  • Hookup stoves, washers, dryers, and water heaters.

Comprehensive electrical safety inspection

This inspection checks your entire home's electrical system both interior and exterior. It is much more comprehensive than one offered by a home inspector. To learn more, click here.